Fucking Machine Top Tips

Here at Your Pleasure Point, we’ve picked out some of the best Fucking Machine tips for whether you’re an amateur or have vast experience.

Lube, lube and lube some more.

Yes, you’ll need lube and in our opinion, a lot of it. On average the vagina is not designed to be penetrated up to 200 strokes a minute. Lots of lube will help limit the friction it will also help you if you are new to fucking machines or just a bit nervous about the whole process.

Use your imagination.

You are about to be fucked by a machine, which means that you can do things that are pretty difficult otherwise. How about trying DP or DVP with your partner (the best positions for this are missionary or doggy). What about attaching a video camera to the dildo and getting some kinky footage. Get spit-roasted with your partner in the doggy position, the list goes on and on. Basically have fun.

Worried about the neighbours.

Due to the fucking machines incredible vibrations, across all sex machines, you’ll find them to be very loud. To counter this problem, you can place your fucking machine on a soft surface such as a rubber mat or a duvet folded in half. This will prevent some of the vibrations going through the floor but won’t have a negative affect on your enjoyment. Alternatively you could offer your neighbours a ride instead.

Focus on the sensations.

There are many sensations that a Fucking Machine can deliver, nothing you will have felt before. A lot of our clients like to use blindfolds when playing with one, as this will allow you to focus on the intense stimulation that you are receiving.

Stability is the name of the game.

Always ensure that your fucking machine is placed on a firm and level surface. There will be inevitable movement when it’s in use as the forces generated by a spinning flywheel coupled with the resistance of a tight orifice might cause the Fucking Machine to walk along the surface whilst in use. An uneven surface is a recipe for disaster. A bed is not a problem unless one of the legs is near the edge.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

As with all sex toys ensure that your Fucking Machine is clean before and after use this is highly important for obvious reasons but especially as if you clean it before putting it away it will be immediately available when you next get “in the mood”.

Keep Calm and enjoy the ride.

Fucking Machines thrust on a fixed path so excessive movement under one in motion is not a good idea, a demo video can be seen here: https://yourpleasurepoint.com/maestro-multi-faceted-sex-machine-with-universal-adapter?search=fucking machine. At best it could cause the dildo to slip out causing delays and possibly spoiling the moment for you. At worst you could end up with it slipping out and going in the wrong orifice – definitely spoiling the moment. Always switch the machine off before changing positions or re-inserting the dildo.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and you’re looking to enjoy your Sex Machine ride, order yours here: https://yourpleasurepoint.com/maestro-multi-faceted-sex-machine-with-universal-adapter?search=fucking machine.



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Buy Love Dolls

When You Want It More, A Love Doll Can Give It To You!

You want to be young again in your sex life?? Everything around you catches your attention but nothing can quite give you what you want. If you have a kinky side for pleasure, buying a love doll can help you feel fulfilled. There are sex toys for you to explore and believe us- of all kinds and sizes, much more than where your imagination can take you.

A Love Doll is one sex toy that’s a little different from the rest, undoubtedly, leaving nothing to your erotic imagination. The market today has lifelike love dolls today; dolls that ooze sexual juices like nothing else. If you would ask why love dolls are so popular among the passionate pursuers, then the vibrating, realistic touch of a love doll that keeps your heart pacing and asking for more can just make the best answer. These love dolls have the contoured breasts like a real woman and when you push yourself inside their life like vaginas or anal cavities, the satiating orgasm can fill your mind with every thrust and every pump!

Ultra Diana Mega Sex Doll

You know what all you can do with a Love Doll? Spread the doll wide open and your manhood will feel the inside of a real woman. Flip her over, grab her ass and do it the way you want to get your orgasmic relief.

We, at Your Pleasure Point, know what a Love Doll can give you- some great thumping, non-stop steamy action with visual pleasure too. We can give you what you exactly want right now: The best selection of love dolls at the lowest prices, anywhere on the internet!! Buy Love Dolls here- https://yourpleasurepoint.com/love-dolls

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Cock Extenders, Cock Sleeves For Your Sexual Cravings

Don’t you wish to pump it all up and gulp the pleasure down your throat when it is about your sexual cravings or those sinful pleasures? Your lady partner might want that extra ‘tantalizing’ push in the bed from you and you have long been wondering how to give it to her? You might fantasize about sweating it all up and get some steamy action on, to make her keep wanting much more of you, non-stop and breathless!

Whoa Nelly!! All this and more, calls for you to get on a cock extender! Don’t gape in shock; cock extenders are magical; the texture mimics the soft touch of a penis’s real skin and about those heart-thumping sensations – you get it all good! Self-pleasuring missions with sexy toys like love dolls is a good idea but if you want to know what cock extenders or cock sleeves can do to your sexual life, you have got to get it on; these extenders and sleeves fit snugly to your manhood and your girl will feel the ‘high’ of you inside her.


ac635-tommy-gunn-penis-extension ac841-fat-jack-cock-sleeve-b4-after-2-original-350x350ab968-xl-black-mamba-cock-extender


Don’t you wait for anything else to make the steaming magic happen in bed; go on and buy cock extenders and cock sleeves in a huge variety from our erotic pleasure warehouse – Your Pleasure Point.

Our collection is waiting right here for you!!   https://yourpleasurepoint.com



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Top 6 Bondage and BDSM Toys You NEED To Try!

Whether you are just starting to explore bondage fantasies or more seasoned in the BDSM world, these are 6 must try items!

6. Beginner Fleece Bed Restraints Kit

Fleece Bed Restraints

This product is perfect if you are just starting to experiment with bondage play and will add some spice to your bedroom! The straps are adjustable to any height and is easily concealed for when you have company over. This lightweight set is perfect for traveling so the possibilities are endless!

5. Adjustable Spreader Bar with Cuffs

Adjustable Spreader Bar with Cuffs

This spreader bar is a sturdy and well-made piece of bondage gear that is a must have in any BDSM toy collection. The versatile bar is made to fit either wrists or ankles and will keep them spread!

The bar is made up of three sections making it easy to store or or fit to trave. It can be expanded from 18 inches to a total of 25 inches and the cuffs are able to pivot, making it more comfortable to the user.

4. Asylum 4 Ring Locking Chastity Cage

Asylum 4 Ring Chastity Cage

This chastity device will have him under your complete control. The idea is to keep his penis from obtaining more than a slight erection. Made from stainless steel and offers a curved spine as well as a (removable) cum-thru plug which can be locked up with the included lock and key.

3. Crystal Clamps Adjustable Pressure Nipple Clamps

Crystal Nipple Clamps

These vinyl coated nipple clamps are not only cute, but offer adjustable pressure that make them ideal for any type of user.

2. Black Silicone Ball Gag

Black Silicone Ball Gag

Use this gag to keep your partner quiet and is perfect for someone wanting to explore new things or someone more seasoned in the BDSM world. The ball is very soft and is ideal for prolonged use.

1. Strict Leather Hog Crop with Leather Handle

Leather Hog Crop

The leather tip on this hog crop is made of 2 leather rectangles leather and is sturdy enough to dish out as much as your partner can handle. It is light and easy to learn the degrees of sting it can bring.


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Ejaculating Dildos

Here are a few of our favorite Ejaculating Dildos if you are looking for a little weekend fun..

Eruption XL Ejaculating Dildo

If you are ready to push your limits, this massive dildo will fill you up and satisfy your carnal desires. The realistic rippled and veiny texture covering the thick shaft will have you screaming for more. This product also offers a lifelike ejaculation feature with the capability to fill with your favorite liquid.

Material: Textured PVC – Black
Size: 13 inches long (10.5 insert-able) and 2.75 inches at the widest point
Price: $33.93

Eruption XL Ejaculating Dildo

Eruption XL Ejaculating Dildo 1

Eruption Dildo Ejaculating

Realistic Ejaculating Penis

This dildo will more than fulfill your needs! It offers a realistic skin texture that is designed to feel like the real thing. Ride it hard and then squeeze the balls when you’re ready for life-like ejaculation. The vibrating tip allows for experimenting and a more intense experience.

Material: PVC – Flesh with a 29 inch remote control cord
Size: 8.25 inches in total length (6.75 insert-able) and 2 inches wide
Price: $36.89

Realistic Ejaculating Penis

Ejaculating Penis Remote

Ejaculating Penis Realistic

And our most popular…

Veiny Victor Ejaculating Squirt Cock

The Veiny Victor is one of our most popular Ejaculating Dildos that will keep you coming back for more. It is made with bulging realistic veins and can offer a life-like ejaculation to your experience. For more fun, you can attach your Veiny Victor to one of the CleanStream Shower Enema Systems (sold separately) and use it as an enema attachment.

Material: PVC – Flesh
Size: 8 inches long (6.5 insert-able inches) and 2 inches wide
Price: $27.49

Veiny Victor Ejaculating Squirt Cock

Veiny Victor Dildo

Veiny Victor Ejaculating Dildo

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Jaxxx Hammer Sex Machine

Are you someone that loves WILD orgasms?! The Jaxxx Hammer 2.0 Sex Machine offers pleasure unlike any other!

Jaxxx Hammer

This is one sex machine that is absolutely worth owning! The Jaxxx Hammer is an exciting way to achieve a hands-free orgasm. The realistically shaped penis vibrator allows for experimenting to find enhanced levels of satisfaction during self-pleasure or with a partner.

It can be used vaginally or for anal play, which makes it fun whether you are a male or female.

Jaxxx Hammer Sex Machine Positions

This machine offers 3 thrusting speeds and 4 vibrating functions that allow you to customize the experience to cater your cravings. Mount with the swiveling suction cup base or remove from base for hand-held action

The buttons on the control panel are easy to use, and when you are finished, the Jaxxx Hammer plugs neatly into the wall and will be ready to go again in a few hours.

LoveBotz Sex Machine

If the three thrusting speeds are not enough of a pounding, use the boost button to get even more power and pleasure out of this cordless machine!

Jaxxx Hammer Fucking Machine

The Jaxxx Hammer Sex Machine will make your fantasies come to life!

Jaxxx Hammer 2.0 Sex Machine

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Penis Sleeves

Let’s be honest… Pills don’t always work, but Sleeves do work 100% of the time!!   Our Penis Sleeves will increase your size immediately and send your partner over the edge!

What are Penis Sleeves?

Penis Sleeves are an accessory that can be used for a variety of different reasons.  The most common uses are: To increase the length or girth of your penis, to maintain an erection, and to increase your partners pleasure experience.

There are two main types of Penis Sleeves, close ended and open ended.  A closed ended Penis Sleeve is an accessory that completely covers the penis, which will offer more length and girth.  An open ended Penis Sleeve does not cover the head of your penis, allowing sensitivity to feel the vagina or anus.

Here are three of our most popular Penis Sleeves or Cock Extenders…

Fat Jack Penis Sleeve

If you are wanting to please your partner with a fat cock that can be controlled with each trust of your hips, this closed ended Fat Jack Penis Enlarger may be exactly what you are looking for.  This accessory is a hollow tube-like structure that is placed over the end of the penis and slid down until the penis fills the space. Made from a thick, stretchy and skin like material, making the experience enjoyable for both you and your partner!  (Yes, it can still feel good to the person wearing it!)

With realistic head and vein detailing for lifelike stimulation, this thick and stretchy cock sleeve fits snugly around your shaft and will give you an additional 2 inches in length as well as adding almost an inch in girth.  How’s that for a cock extender?

Fat Jack Penis Enlarger


Fat Jack Penis Enlarger

Pig in a Blanket Textured Penis Sleeve

This is an open ended Penis Sleeve option that will give your head some room while still enhancing your girth. This sleeve offers pleasurable stimulation for both you and your partner with the dual textured sensation elements. Because of the versatile open ended design, you can lead with the studded end or the ribbed end. This sleeve is an ideal fit for almost any size and even offers custom ‘cut to fit’ sizing. Get ready for incredible stimulation that your partner will LOVE!

Pig in a Blanket Sleeve

Pig in a Blanket Textured Sleeve

Deluxe Vibrating Penis Sleeve

The Deluxe Vibrating Penis Enhancer is another open ended Penis Sleeve option that increases girth and intensifies pleasure for both you and your partner. This cock sleeve is made from a soft, stretchy, skin like material that can fit almost any size. On top of everything else that this penis sleeve offers, it also contains a tiny vibrating clitoral stimulator that offers increased pleasure for her, while helping him maintain a stiffer erection. The micro vibe offers three different speeds that will give your partner an experience that they won’t forget!

Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Deluxe Vibrating Penis Enhancer

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Looking for a Fucking Machine

Are you on the lookout of a great fucking machine that can assure the desired stimulation for both the partners? Well, the usual fucking machines generally come up with a dildo and you usually have no provision for the guys. But don’t worry any more as Lovebotz has come up with an advanced and versatile sex machine that will offer the fucking facility to both the partners- so that you two can enjoy the erotic toy session together. The machine is called Robo FUK Adjustable Position Portable Sex machine. Here is a brief review on the Lovebotz product.

To start with, the machine is designed with 2 screw-on attachments- you are getting one bendable, flexible dildo and also one pink plush pussy. Thus, there is provision for both you and your man. The Lovobotz product guarantees awesome hands-free fucking experience.

Robo Fuk Portable Fucking Machine - AD929     Robo Fuk Adjustable Position Portable Sex machineRoboFuck Machine

The machine is accompanied by a customizable speed remote so that it is easier for you to select your preferred thrusting level. You can dial up the thrusting speed when you are craving for a super-intense action while you can even lower it down when you will prefer a more leisurely fuck- the choice is all yours. The penetration angle & height could be adjusted easily with simple twist knobs on the machine frame. The machine is really simple to operate.

The Lovebotz machine is really portable & lightweight. It is made up with aluminium arm & plastic shell that makes it convenient to carry. You can even carry it in your bag while travelling so that you can enjoy the very pleasure even while you are on the go. Moreover, the machine comes pre-assembled, relieving you from the hassle of organizing everything. Finally, it assures a quiet operation so that you can savour the pleasure in complete discretion.

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Huge Anal Toys

Anal sex is just not just for homosexuals anymore!  Even straight partners too enjoy bits of butt delight!  Thus, the adult toy industry has come up with fair niche of anal sex toys that in the past were too taboo to talk about until now.  Most of them assure you and your partner huge anal ecstasy.  Are you too interested in anal sex toys? Well, the article here briefs about the varied types of anal sex toys to opt for followed by a discussion on how to ensure a proper & safe buy.

Different types of anal sex toys

Anal beads

Anal beads are some of the most popular erotic toys for anal pleasure.  In this case you have beads on a row, in graduated sizes- strung together.  The beads are inserted inside the anus & just prior to an orgasm, they’re pulled out slowly to intensify the very orgasmic pleasure.  The anal beads stimulate anal openings when it opens & closes around the beads. There are all sizes of anal beads to suit the end users from the small start up sets, to huge anal beads that can send anyone over the edge.

These days, you will even find anal beads connected with silicone strand.

silicone anal beads

huge anal beads



Anal dildos

Anal dildos serve as excellent aides for anal pleasure and are moved back & forth inside the anus area to ensure a mind blowing orgasm.  However, if you are planning to use dildos inside the anus, choose the one with wide base so that it doesn’t slip in all the way and get lost into never never land.  (this means you will have to go to the doctor to find it)  You will find the dildos in various sizes, textures, colors & materials.  Silicone dildos would be great choice given its high flexibility quotient.  There are also inflatable dildos that can be expanded once inside to create a bigger opening and greater pressure.  The feeling caused by this expanding sensation can send you or your partner over the top within minutes.

Inflatable dildo and anal plug

Butt or anal plugs

These plugs too command a huge popularity these days and are considered as “the anal sex toy to possess”.  A lot of people prefer the anal plugs as these assure a feel of fullness inside rectum. In times of orgasm, the anal muscles tend to contract in line with muscles of penis or vagina. Thus, the plugs help to intensify the desired pleasure. As the wall in between rectum and vagina is thin, a lot of women love to use the plugs while having sex.

The butt plugs are usually designed with a conical head to assure a firm grip by anal muscles. The narrow neck expands to flared base- you will find them in metallic, glass & silicone body. Some of the butt plugs appear in the shape of a realistic fist that takes the pleasure to a more intense level given the very feel of a hand.

However, you must make sure to use a good anal lube before you insert any of the sex toys into the anal region.  There are desensitizing anal lubes with Benzocaine and other ingredients to create relaxing and enjoyable anal.

Anal Trainer setHow to buy

First of all, you must make sure to get your anal toy from a reputed store that sources its products from renowned labels only. Then, if you are a beginner, start with smaller toys and then advance to bigger ones when you get used to it. Besides, the first-timers should stick to toys with smooth surface- toys with ridges and bumps are best for seasoned users. Vibrating Anal toys are definitely the best way to get beginners warmed up and ready for the real thing!   The vibrating anal toys will definitely intensify the pleasure further than you expect.

 Virbrating Ass Anchor anal plug

Come to YourPleasurePoint.com for huge anal toys and vibrating anal toys today  

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Buying A Love Doll

Are you looking to buy a love doll?  Well, you have come to the right spot.


Bang Me Bonnie 3d Sex dollChiseled Chad Male Love DollSexFlesh Tranny Terri Love DollUltra Diana Mega Sex Doll

Sex dolls have been through evolutions since their first inception in 17th century as old-cloth dolls for sailors- to the silicone realistic sexy love dolls in the 21st century for everyone. However, there are a lot of things to consider when you are buying sex dolls. The post below offers some good advice when you to buy love dolls.

Market survey

There are various adult stores online that offer the sex dolls but we have done our research and guarantee to have the lowest prices on the same love dolls that everyone else is offering.  They all come from the same manufacturer that backs their products up 100%.   So there is no reason to look further as our love dolls are quite the seller!

Versatile variety

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to buying a love doll. Our store has a versatile gallery including a diverse range of sex dolls to choose from- as everyone has a  personal preferences. We have sex dolls in various postures and form. There are basic sex dolls with a structure from neck to the pelvic region as well as full body sex dolls for those looking for a more realistic feel. Some of the most advanced sex dolls have movable arms that swivel up to 360 degrees and realistic hair and eyelashes.

We have a wide variety of male and female love dolls made after porn stars.  They have actually molded these dolls right from the real thing so they are as close as possible to having sex with that star!  With technology they have made it so its like the real thing!

For the people who like to explore, we have also got male and shemale sex dolls to satisfy various sexual aspirations.

Portable travel-sex dolls

If you want to take your sex doll with you while on travel, look for a sex doll store with portable sex doll travel packs.

Premium brands

This is another very important point to take care of when you are planning to buy a sex doll. You would be using the toy on your delicate regions and hence you have to assure premium quality here. At Your Pleasure Point we only carry products from reputed brands – because top notch labels do not usually compromise on the quality part.

Easily cleanable

All the sex dolls are easily cleanable to ensure safe, clean, and repeated use for you.

Detailed descriptions

We provide detailed descriptions on each of the sex dolls featured on the website so that it is easier for you to understand the specifications of the chosen products.  So take a minute to look thru each of them and see what fits you best.

Affordable price range

Again, we are offering our sex dolls at such a low price, that we cut out the middle man and offer our love dolls straight to consumers right from the warehouse. As there is no overhead at Pleasure Point it takes a direct route to you- so we pass on to you the consumer.  Keep an eye on our clearance items as they become available from time to time.

View all our love dolls here:


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