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Black Satin Blindfold Mask


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...Once I place this over your eyes, you will be unable to see. You will have to rely on all your other senses as they will be heightened....Sir whispered. Intrigued, I nod in agreement....Say yes...he said....Yes....I muster. Everything in this scene was hot, including my body. He slipped on the blindfold and all went dark. I welcomed the coolness of the satin against my eyelids, the sexiness of this blindfold...Are you ready to begin?...Sir asked. With a bold curiosity for our encounter tonight, I reply simply....please....

This padded satin blindfold is held in place by an elastic band, ensuring a comfortable but secure fit on most sizes.

Measurements: 7.25 inches in width, 3.25 inches tall

Material: Satin and elastic

Color: Black
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