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SKU: ENTA03602

Black Door No. 9 Rechargeable Wand


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  • Brand: Closet Collection
  • Availability: 9
  • Product Code: ENTA03602
  • Weight: 0.91lb
  • UPC: 707331800049


For vaginal, clitoral, nipple and G-spot play, the No. 9 Rechargeable Wand can also be used as a full body massager. The Rechargeable Wand is an example of Closet Collection's take on a classic wand with a twist. The broad expanse of the back of the wand is powerful for classic wand use. top of the "C" curve is hard, created for pinpoint stimulation, while the bottom portion of the curve is softer, for a less intense feeling. That "C" shape also conforms to most of the curves on one's body, making this the perfect all over body massager for solo or couples use. Experiment with the 12 intense functions in both the top and bottom of the massager, controlled by separate buttons

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