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SKU: ENTA01382

Bella CBD Night Cream 2oz

  • Brand: Bella
  • Availability: 26
  • Product Code: ENTA01382
  • Weight: 0.00lb
  • UPC: 855614008160


Bellas Crema da Notte is an anti-aging hydrating face cream perfect for nighttime. Formulated to repair damaged skin that occurs as we age, it combines a patent pending peptide complex, bioactive phospholipids, and a yeast extract complex to firm, tighten and increase elasticity for a smoother, more even skin tone. The addition of nano-emulsified CBD works seamlessly with a lipid C anti-oxidant complex to boost your skins natural moisture retention, helping you to achieve silky soft skin and a youthful appearance. Crema da Notte is entirely non-comedogenic as well, meaning you never have to worry about clogged pores.

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