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SKU: ENTA01481

B-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch

  • Brand: B-Vibe
  • Availability: 8
  • Product Code: ENTA01481
  • Weight: 0.00lb
  • UPC: 489080822318


This travel-friendly bag keeps toys sanitized with the use of UV light. In just 3 minutes, the B-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria that can be left behind on sex toys, preventing the transmission of dangerous STIs. Toys up to 10 long can easily fit inside, making it easy to store and sanitize toys at the same time. A convenient USB cord means the B-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch can be charged anywhere in a discreet and attractive way. Simply insert a toy, press the button and in 3 minutes, toys are thoroughly sanitized!

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