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SKU: ENTA00134

B Swish Bfilled Classic Remote Plug - Denim Blue

  • Brand: B Swish
  • Availability: 1
  • Product Code: ENTA00134
  • Weight: 0.44lb
  • UPC: 855588850071


The Bfilled Classic Unleashed opens new doors with a thoughtfully designed tapered tip thats ideal for beginners and a broad base with pull-string. This petite body-safe plug wows with hours of powerful 5-function waterproof pleasure.

Take control with the ergonomically designed wireless remote, which is lit up by a white light for easy play in the dark, or hand off to a partner for unexpected pleasure in private or in public. However and wherever you choose, the Bfilled Classic Unleashed will pleasure and delight.

The Bfilled Classic Unleashed is battery-operated and made from nonporous, body-friendly PU coated ABS plastic, making it easy to clean and versatile when it comes to choosing lubricants. While the plug is safe for waterproof fun, the remote is best left out of the tub.

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