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SKU: ENT98359

B Swish Bdesired Deluxe Pearl - Jade

  • Brand: B Swish
  • Availability: 12
  • Product Code: ENT98359
  • Weight: 0.44lb
  • UPC: 855588850059


Bdesired Deluxe Pearl is rippled and angled perfectly to find any pleasure zone. Made from silky silicone, its waterproof design together with 6-functions and a pearled shaft gives a powerful massage. The Bdesired Deluxe Pearl is easy to manage with a pearled side and angled rounded tip to tantalize and find the erogenous spots one desires, perfect for first time users or more experienced players alike. Users can try out all 6-functions, whether one uses the Bdesired Deluxe Pearl traditionally or simply stokes the clitoris or nipples, there is no doubt users will find the speed and pressure that is just right for their individual preference.

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